Cold Case Dinner

Cold Case Dinner at Parkhotel Horst. Will you discover what happened?

Cold Case diner | Parkhotel Horst

Cold Case Dinner

You are cordially invited to an exciting COLD CASE dinner at Parkhotel Horst. During this unique evening, the course of events will take an intriguing turn, steeped in mysterious occurrences. On 2 July 1984, a spectacular multimillion theft took place in a historic villa in Zande. Will you be able to solve it after the storytellers have brought it back to life in an exceptional theatrical narrative? Do you dare to take on this thrilling challenge with your friends and succeed in uncovering the truth? Immerse yourself in the game while enjoying a delicious 4-course dinner and a drink, all included in the price.

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Price: € 79,00 p.p.
(incl. 4-course dinner and drinks)

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Experience a fully catered overnight stay!

After experiencing an exciting game during the Cold Case Dinner, enjoying delicious dishes, and perhaps even a glass of wine or beer, the last thing you want is to drive home. That’s why we’ve put together a package to turn your night out into a fully catered overnight stay.

With our Cold Case Package, you’ll not only experience a fascinating evening during our Cold Case dinner, but you’ll also receive an overnight stay in one of our comfortable rooms, including an extensive breakfast buffet the next morning.

The total price for this comprehensive package is € 139,- per person.

The mystery of the Cold Case dinner

About the Storytellers

Allow yourself to be guided by the storymasters back to the year 1984, to the charming village of Zande. The widow of Castonje manages substantial wealth. However, the peaceful existence is abruptly disrupted when a multimillion-dollar robbery takes place! Despite intensive police investigation, the case proves unsolvable. Do you think you can unravel the puzzle?

During a delightful 4-course dinner, more information is gradually revealed step by step. The storymasters narrate the tale and reenact interrogations in the atmosphere of the previous century, for example, using an authentic cassette recorder, as digitization was not as advanced back then. Crucial pieces of evidence, including a map and photos, are exhibited, allowing you to investigate clues on your own. Do you dare to embark on this quest alone, or will you search together with friends? Will you succeed in solving the mystery?


About the Storytellers