Discover the versatile nature of North Limburg

Nature in North Limburg

When we think of Limburg, we often envision the hills in the south. However, North Limburg also harbors hilly surprises such as sloping forests and wetlands, as well as heathlands and ponds. Here, it’s adventurous – and sometimes a bit slippery – to wander through the damp forests. So, be sure to wear sturdy shoes!

North Limburg owes its natural beauty to the Rhine and the Maas rivers. Over the centuries, they have shaped a varied and stunning landscape. From the ancient Maas meanders of the Schuitwater and the marshy swamp forests of the Koelbroek, to the buzzing grasslands of the Vlakbroek and the drifting sands of Schaaks Heide. This great diversity also brings forth many unique animal and plant species. North Limburg is in no way inferior to its southern counterpart!

The ‘Kasteelse bossen’

From our restaurant and a large portion of our hotel rooms, you have direct views of a beautiful lake and the ‘Kasteelse Bossen’ behind our hotel. So, for a breath of fresh air and to enjoy the diverse nature, you don’t have to go far.

The Groote Peel & The Maasduinen

If you want to spend a whole afternoon on a beautiful cycling or hiking tour while enjoying the exceptionally beautiful nature, we recommend a visit to the Groote Peel or the Maasduinen Nature Reserve. Below you can read more about these stunning natural areas.

A complete stay

If you want to make the most of your stay and fully enjoy our beautiful surroundings, we have a variety of room types to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable room for a night away or something more luxurious with a stunning view over the lake. Discover our rooms via the button below and book the room that suits you best.

There’s more than enough to experience

If you’re looking for something else not listed on our surroundings page, our reception colleagues are available to assist you. Additionally, we have set up an informative corner at the entrance of our hotel. Here you can find various brochures and flyers with the best tips and activities in our area.


The Maasduinen National Park

20 minuten rijden
Nationaal Park de Maasduinen | Parkhotel Horst | Noord Limburg

National Park The Groote Peel

45 minuten rijden

Castle Gardens Arcen

23 minuten rijden
Kasteeltuinen Arcen | Parkhotel Horst | Noord Limburg | Arrangement