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Strawberry Land

Strawberry Land is a fairytale theme park where the strawberry is central. The covered part features a strawberry fairytale forest, a strawberry dream world and a street full of happy gnomes. You will also see a special collection of items that depict a strawberry. This collection has been collected with a lot of love and passion and displayed in display cases. Come and take a look and immerse yourself in a world full of strawberries!

Luuk Lenders composed beautiful music especially for Strawberry Land. Since 6 June 2020, different music can be heard in every corridor of the tunnel. Come and listen and let yourself be charmed!

At the end of 2018, the park started the transition from the Strawberry Land to Berry Briljant, so that all soft fruit varieties can be found in the park in the future! As a result, the part of the park that is not covered will remain closed for the time being. You may also encounter working gnomes, volunteers and day workers who are renewing the park!


Blue Berry Hill
In North Limburg you will not only find a park dedicated to the Strawberries, but you can also visit a Blueberry plantation. Blue Berrie Hill is even more than just a plantation full of blueberry bushes. On the plantation you can pick the berries yourself, there is a tea house where you can follow workshops, there are kitchens where the berries are transformed into the most delicious delicacies and you can even choose a high tea with blueberry soup.