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Mind Mistery

Imagine yourself in the mysterious world of Siebrandt, an idiosyncratic inventor who once lived here and caused a huge bang during one of his experiments that turned the house upside down. Siebrandt has never been heard from again, but at Mind Mystery you will learn all about him.

Have you ever walked through a house where you can't touch the floor and walk over the ceiling with ease? Hold a handstand on the dining table or a bathtub with just one little finger in the air? With more than 100 optical illusions, tricks, activities and sights, the theme park in this form is unique and Mind Mystery offers entertainment and amazement for young and old. In the park, next to the house upside down, you will find a mirror maze, vortex, kaleidoscope, an Ames room, a museum full of optical art and holograms and (in) soluble puzzles and riddles. Enough to do for an entertaining afternoon of brain-teasing.