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A beautiful view, spacious interior, a classic wedding salon with chandeliers, spacious party room and a terrace on the water give our hotel an authentic atmosphere. The place to celebrate your wedding in style.

Your wishes are paramount!
We would like to advise you on the composition of the program. Obviously with plenty of room for a personal interpretation. The attention to detail contributes to 'the most beautiful day of your life'. Guaranteed by our years of experience.

Broad advice, perfect organization
We can take care of the organization in its totality. Including the contracting of entertainment, taking care of the decorations and printing both the menu cards and the name cards for the table arrangement. Of course it is also possible to arrange this yourself.

With heart and soul
An unforgettable wedding party starts with a personal acquaintance. There you immediately taste the ambiance that gives the party an extra dimension. And you meet the enthusiastic people of Parkhotel Horst, who - with heart and soul - take care of your party.

Dreams become reality
The most important thing is that it will be a day as you have in mind: beautiful location, a photo with all guests on the platform with red carpet, bubbles, scented bouquets, dedicated service, delicious dishes and a swinging evening party and afterwards - in the honeymoon suite - still having fun together. Dreams become reality in Parkhotel Horst.

In short, Parkhotel Horst is a beautiful location with lots of possibilities to celebrate your wedding in a beautiful atmosphere.

More information?
Feel free to contact us: info@parkhotelhorst.nl or 077 397 6000.