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Grain roasting house De IJsvogel

Have you always wanted to take a look at a traditional distillery that produces its own alcohol from beer and wine? Then grab your chance now and visit De IJsvogel.

A visit to this watermill is an exciting and educational experience. A tour or viewing takes you along the two crafts that are performed here; that of alcohol distiller and miller. In the Netherlands there are only a few "hot distillers", these are distilleries that still distill their own alcohol, De IJsvogel is one of them.

De IJsvogel is located in a restored working watermill located in the nature reserve Barbara’s Weerd; The Wijmarsche Watermill. This watermill with a bottom and top stroke wheel is fed by the Lingsforter brook. It is pleasant to stay in the café de Schenkerij with its rustic terrace. The café is known for its range of coffee and tea variations. Worth a visit!